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Serge Romanchak Plays

Ravel & Chopin

Piano solos that represent the epitome of reflective impressionism and bittersweet yet heroic Romanticism.



What people are saying about
Serge Romanchak Plays Ravel & Chopin

Your recording is tops. The technical aspects of the disc are very good. If I was a music critic, I would say: “In Mr. Romanchak’s performance, subtle gradations of keystroke intensity combined with a gentle fluidity of tempo to create and enforce subtle nuances of musical thought … human emotions sculpted in sound.” I love the valse and the birds and the bells … the bells are magical and the birds do not disappoint. I love all the Chopin. 

Thrilled to receive your CD. For me, it’s a chance to hear your lush playing again with your signature technique that extends to the very depths of what the keys on the piano will provide. We love the elegant Ravel waltzes and the quiet of the Sorrowful Birds and the Valley of the Bells, and I especially enjoy the noble innocence of the first nocturne on the CD – in F, Opus 15 (Chopin), plus the sweeping C minor (Opus 25, No. 12) Etude.