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Serge Romanchak Piano Studio is located in McLean, Virginia, dedicated to teaching piano students and performing for audiences in Northern Virginia and throughout the Washington DC metro area for more than 30 years.


I have been teaching piano since graduation from Catholic University in 1977. I am a member of both the Washington and the Northern Virginia Music Teacher's Associations (WMTA and NVMTA), and have had students accepted into the Berklee School of Music, Chicago Institute for the Arts, University of Virginia, and William and Mary, among many others. 

I teach students of all ages and levels but recommend starting private piano lessons at the age of seven. This is the age at which the vast majority of students are ready to learn note-reading, to count while playing, and also focus on the mechanical aspects of piano playing. 

A solid foundation in keyboard harmony is a critical ingredient in piano studies, which I stress along with fluid note-reading and building a repertoire. I teach many different styles including classical, jazz, rock, and Broadway show tunes.


Success is dependent on good teamwork between student, parents, and teacher. The teacher needs to supply accurate and pertinent information, the student needs to have dedicated practice times, and the parents need to enforce a regular and systematic practice routine. If a student has the desire and the dedication to practice, I guarantee good results.


Please contact me with any questions, to inquire about lesson availability, and for performance bookings.  

"Music is one of the portals to another place where the divine self lives." -Frank Cusimano

Piano Lessons in McLean, Virginia

Performing at the French Embassy, Washington DC, 2011

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